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NexusTrip is an E-Net software

E-Net; since 1995, it has facilitated the communication, production and sharing of individuals and businesses with online market, strengthening its connection with the world. It proves that the new technology is an easy and reliable power with simplified experiences. It is an innovative software company that attaches importance to using the most intelligent tools in the whole field of developing and changing technology.

In addition to the software developed by tourism finance in its own sector online in different sectors, there is a trace of E-Net Technology in the formation of the technology infrastructure of many companies.

With the software developed for OTAs, many of the world are talking about 100% domestic brand name.

By increasing the variety of available online solution packages, more and more users are continuing to work with the specialized software staff in order to reach so many users.

E-Net gives the right power of the internet.
Why Nexustrip ?

By using Nexustrip credentials, to start immediately the booking and sales of travel and tourism products.

• To put your own credentials into the global market.

• To have the right to create sub-agency and agent network.

• Provides firm-spesific service as virtual agency within the firm (B2B4C).

• To integrate all travel and tourism products i.e. flight ticket, hotel, transfer, private tour, cruise, rent a car into the system and make the management and sales from one field.

• User friendly modules.

• Basic payment solutions and pos installation application.

• Training and technical support.

• Reissue system
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